Custom Glock & Rifle Detailing

Evolution Weaponry Custom Detailing

Standard Features & Add-Ons


Honeycomb Slide Milling

This is our signature slide milling pattern. Evolution Weaponry developed this pattern and tested it extensively to ensure the integrity of the slide remained in tact after removing so much metal. Careful consideration was taken to ensure the design allowed for an enhanced surface to grip during weapons manipulations, thus further ensuring your victory in the field as well as on the range.

Evolution Weaponry Custom Honeycomb Slide Milling

Barsto Match Barrel Fitting

For the ultimate in Glock accuracy, Barsto blows away the competition. They guarantee 1.25” groups or better at 25 yards with quality ammunition. Fully supported chambers and broach cut rifling to allow use of lead bullets. Barrels can be extended and threaded or extended and ported as options beyond stock length.

Evolution Weaponry Custom Barsto Match Barrel

Nickel Boron Coating

With an RC hardness of 72, this finish is tough! It combines its excellent hardness with a lower friction coefficient than the fancy gold finishes used by some of our competition. It's also corrosion resistant and guaranteed not to chip, crack, flake, or peel off. Although no finish is untouchable, this one is likely to outlast anything you can throw at it.

Evolution Weaponry Custom Nickel Boron Coating

Trigger Work

EW trigger jobs have been compared against the competition by some of the gun shops that carry our pistols. They ensure us that our trigger is better than the competition. We use hand-fitted trigger connectors and spring combinations to achieve a trigger with enhanced characteristics in every way. Functionality is not sacrificed, nor is safety, for performance gains earned with our attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Evolution Weaponry Custom Barsto Match Barrel

Custom Glock Services

Choose from the following services, options and add-ons to fully customize your Glock.

Man IconList of Services:

  • Honeycomb slide milling: $350
  • RMR top slide cut: $130
  • Trigger work: $135
  • Grip modifications: $130
    • Stippling: Choice of wrap around or front/rear only. Index points are optional.
    • Trigger guard undercut
    • Finger groove removal upon request
  • Finishing options:
    • Cerakote: Price varies, please contact EW for more information.
    • Nickel Boron coating:
      • Slide and Barrel: $135
      • Slide only: $90
      • Barrel only: $50 (Nickel boron exterior surface or salt bath nitride interior and exterior)
      • High polish service: $40 (slide)
  • Sight sales and installation
  • Accessory sales and installation