Frequently Asked Questions

This page will cover a variety of topics regarding the AR-15 series of rifles and carbines and will be updated as seen fit to include more relevant information. Please note that this information is not intended to be legal advice and should be checked prior to making any decisions regarding the purchase of a rifle from EW.

Q. What advantages does Duracoat offer me?

A. Duracoat is a “functional finish”. The main advantages to Duracoat is that it protects your rifle from corrosion where it is applied. Preventing corrosion on a hard use rifle is an important step in improving longevity. In addtion to preventing corrosion, Duracoat also comes in many colors to assist with concealment in any environment. Duracoat does not chip, crack or peel and is very wear resistant.

Q. What is a nickel boron coated bolt carrier group?

A. Nickel Boron coated bolt carrier groups are bolt carrier groups (BCG’s) that have been dipped in a proprietary bath to give it a new finish. This new finish is self lubricating, corrosion resistant, smoother for increased reliability and more durable for improved wear resistance. All around it is a dramatic improvement over the standard phosphate finish seen on most AR 15 series rifles and carbines.

Q. Why does EW still use direct impingement gas systems?

A. My experience with direct impingement (DI) gas systems is very extensive and I am confident these systems function under the most extreme circumstances. Yes, there are benefits to having apiston system, but there are also drawbacks. Pistons systems run cleaner, but that is an irrelevant point, as most people will never need to get their rifles inspection ready. Piston systems also have more moving parts, and more moving parts is an increased risk for breakage due to wear. DI systems work very well despite what you read in some popular magazines, and the military still uses them with no real problems. I know this personally, as one of my functions in the military was to maintain small arms in my battalion. During 16 months of hard combat operations, we had absolutely zero breakages due to the gas system and no malfunctions that would have been corrected if a piston system had been installed. The AR 15 series is designed to function dirty and functions very well after firing many rounds. Some popular magazine contributors have done independent testing to confirm this and test the limits of the DI system, firing thousands of rounds with no cleaning and no failures. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Q. How much does one of your rifles start at?

A. This is a hard question to answer. My AR rifles are all custom built, with some exceptions that I place in the current offerings section. Being built to order leaves me with very few restrictions on where to start with a price, but generally speaking you can get an incredibly nice rifle that I would consider a starting rifle for around $2000. That would include sights, sling, 2 PMAGS, and a Boyt Harness H series gun case. I could probably build you a rifle cheaper than that, but not much and it wouldnt be as much fun for me to build as building your dream AR.

Q. Why would anyone want a sound suppressor?

A. Sound suppressors are great for any shooter because they minimize hearing damage that often occurs when shooting. It would allow the shooter to safely shoot their AR with no hearing protection, benefiting new shooters and old shooters alike. Sound suppressors will also assist in limiting your neighbors exposure to the noise created from your shooting and provide a tactical advantage by masking the shooters location.

Q. What do I need to get an SBR (short barreled rifle) from Evolution Weaponry?

A. Some states have varying restrictions, but speaking from a federal law standpoint, all you need is a $200 NFA tax stamp to be filled out and submitted by your local FFL (gun dealer). This is a one time fee and can be handled legally in most states.

Q. I live in California, can I buy a custom built AR from EW?

A. Yes, California has placed restrictions on these types of rifles, but with a “bullet button” installed you can own one of EW’s high quality, full custom rifles. These Bullet Buttons add a minimal charge to the cost of the build and requires the use of a bullet or other similar small tool to release the magazine. Please check your local and state laws to ensure there are no other restrictions on your ownership prior to purchasing a rifle from Evolution Weaponry

Q. I live in a “Ban state” other than California, will Evolution Weaponry be able to ship a gun to me?

A.  Yes. Listed below are some exceptions to ban state rifle configurations. This list may not be accurate or complete and it is your responsibility to understand and comply with all local, state and federal laws prior to ordering a rifle from Evolution Weaponry

CONNECTICUT: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with pinned and welded Muzzle Device and Fixed Stock
HAWAII: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with 10-Round Magazines
MARYLAND: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with 20-Round Magazines
MASSACHUSETTS: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with pinned and welded Muzzle Device and Fixed Stock, 10-Round Magazines
NEW JERSEY: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with pinned and welded Muzzle Device and Fixed Stock, 10-Round Magazines
NEW YORK: Evolution Weaponry will ship rifles with pinned and welded Muzzle Device and Fixed Stock, 10-Round Magazines
WASHINGTON: No Short Barreled Rifles (SBR’s), or barrels less than 16.1” in total length